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21 Jan 2016 - SSL/TLS Connections

Since Dreamhost just started supporting easily obtainable Let's Encrypt SSL/TLS certificates, I am working on getting them enabled on all of the sites that I run, including this one. I got it working well enough on the sites that use Wordpress, but I am having a bit more trouble with this one and the SMF forum system. It is now 3am and I need to get some sleep, but this is in-process and I hope to have it reliably running within the next couple of weeks.
If you have not heard already, MSN Messenger is shutting down on April 8th, 2013. Yeah I just heard about it too. But do not fear! Since Skype is owned by Microsoft now, they are integrating the two services into Skype. Simply log into Skype with your old MSN Messenger name and password and you will be presented with the option to merge your accounts. All of your contacts will be imported and it will not be a huge deal if all goes well.
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