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11 May 2016 - KLA Group Chat Schedule?

Hi all, things have been quieting down for me the last few months and I have noticed some old members posting now and then just to poke this old place. Well, I had a thought tonight. I would like to explore scheduling a KLA member group Skype call some weekend night. Probably not recorded or anything, just to update each other on what's been going on in life. I will be unavailable this weekend of May 12th-15th but perhaps next weekend? It would be like a reunion at a bar, only bring your own booze and there is no food.

Thoughts? I will tentatively plan to keep May 20-22nd evenings open for something.  :)

21 Jan 2016 - SSL/TLS Connections

Since Dreamhost just started supporting easily obtainable Let's Encrypt SSL/TLS certificates, I am working on getting them enabled on all of the sites that I run, including this one. I got it working well enough on the sites that use Wordpress, but I am having a bit more trouble with this one and the SMF forum system. It is now 3am and I need to get some sleep, but this is in-process and I hope to have it reliably running within the next couple of weeks.
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